Surat of Kuldan

Usurper and Pretender to the Maralian throne.

The succession crisis of 330 AF erupted when, at the death of king Sorlia, the named heir was only five years old. His older brothers, bitter about being passed over, locked away the boy and his nurse. The ensuing civil war as the brothers fought over the throne was confined to the city, and so did little to break the stalemate with Altair that held sway at the time, but it did allow Surat to ride in from his mountain stronghold (where he had been stationed as a general) and take the city. Much of the populace and military of the capitol was sick of the bickering and wasteful lifestyle of the Maralian line and so defected from the brothers.

The young son disappeared along with his nurse and so far as is known, never resurfaced. Surat immediately began consolidating his power. He imprisoned the remaining royal family. He rounded up their supporters and instituted martial law. At first, the people of Sylos put up with these actions, viewing them to be necessary remedies for the excesses of the previous years. Soon however, as Surat descended into megalomaniacal insanity as a result of a long-brooding disease, the atrocities he committed became more horrific and pronounced.

By the time Lucius Equitus Domitius marched on Sylos, the populace secretly negotiated with the Alrairian general. He gauranteed the safety of the people if they would open the gates to his soldiers. Surat was publicly beheaded and his palace burnt to the ground in 303 AF.

Surat of Kuldan

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